Raise funds for your next creative project.

NATION allows you to raise funds from your fans and keep control of your creative works.

Finance your next project with Web3.

Raise funds from your fans — and share ownership through tokens or NFTs — to retain creative and monetary control of your creative works. Gather funds for a project and share revenue with the people that funded it. Reward token holders with exclusive content or benefits. All on NATION.

How to use NATION to finance your next project.

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    Create a movement — the equivalent of a shared bank account — on NATION. Our platform makes it easy for you to collect contributions from your community and reward them with collectibles or tokens.

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    Once you've raised money from your community, use it to fund your work. In exchange for your community's support, your fans can receive special access, profit distributions, or the ability to vote on creative decisions.

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    Now that you and your community owns your work, you're in control of licensing, royalties, and intellectual property decisions.

How does
my audience get involved?

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    Your fans contribute funds in return for ownership, voting rights, or special access.

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    You retain creative control and can produce the work freely..

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    Once the project is released, audiences and artists share in the success.

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