There's no better place for the next big movement.

Ultra-low fees.

Improved user experience through focus. We're building for normal people. Those who want full customizability can already fork GitHub.

Built to be social.

Social platform, not technical innovation. NATION leads with movements and purpose instead of laboriously explaining the tech that makes DAOs possible.

Intuitive user-interface.

Positioning for out-of-crypto traction. We aim to be the home for movements of all sorts — and any viral movement could bring thousands into the world of DAOs.

Censorship resistant.

Blockchains can't be censored, so neither can you — we're taking the best features of crypto and empowering you with them.

Easy to build on.

We work hard to make things simpler and easier. No more confusing technical jargon and nonsense, just clarity so that you can do what you set out to.


Give your DAO some spice. We understand the importance of how things look and feel, and give you the freedom to unleash your creative vision.

Home to the decentralized movements of the future.

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