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Raise funds, issue memberships, and vote on decisions together
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Raise funds and make decisions together.

Leverage Web3 to raise funds and vote on decisions. Issue membership NFTs and share exclusive content.

Create and launch a movement with NATION's creation wizard.

The first step has never been easier. Jot down some info and jump right in to managing your campaign. Activate your audience with Web2 tools.

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Start gathering your audience and collect wallet addresses and emails from your fans. Integrate simple components into your own site, too.

Collect contributions, issue tokens, and manage your movement while it grows.

Once you're ready, launch your movement on-chain. Issue fungible and non-fungible tokens for contributions, manage members, and engage your audience through proposals.

Tokens and collectibles.
Made simple.

Reward your community for their support. Issue tokens and non-fungible collectibles in seconds with NATION's fundraising and audience management tools.

A better approach to coordination

Governance is hard. That's why NATION building for digital cooperatives — a simple multi-sig. Votes are low cost too — thanks, Solana.

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