Aid for Ukraine
collecting funds to donate to the people of Ukraine.

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My name is Sergey. I'm a Ukrainian entrepreneur and the CEO of Everstake, a web3 company based in Ukraine. My colleagues and I have been overwhelmed by the support from our friends around the world in the crypto community. They helped us organize this effort as a way for individuals to support the Ukrainian people. All funds collected through this effort will go directly towards aiding Ukrainians on the ground. We're in close touch with the government and local NGOs and will do our best to ensure funds raised get into the right hands, as quickly as possible. I'm managing this effort alongside the two other councilmembers, Anatoly Yakovenko (Co-Founder, Solana Labs), [to be filled in] and a growing group of supporters and colleagues from the crypto ecosystem. We're incredibly grateful for your support. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


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We’re incredibly grateful for your support. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


How do I know this is legit?

Here are Tweets directly from those involved in the efforts, including the Government of Ukraine, the CEO of Everstake, and individuals from Solana Labs.

What can I donate?

The contract accepts SOL or any SPL Token, including wrapped versions of ETH, BTC, UST, and others. NFT donations will also be accepted, and sold.

How will you convert funds donated into something that can make an impact on the ground?

The Ukrainian government has already received millions of dollars of donations in crypto and is skilled at using these funds raised as needed. We’re also working with FTX to convert donations into stablecoins or fiat when required.

How will funds be used?

The situation on the ground is dynamic, and we’re continuing to evaluate the best way to get this money into where it’s most needed. We’ll post updates here as we distribute funds so you can keep up to date on our progress.

How are the funds being held, and who’s in charge of distribution?

Donations are being held in a multisig wallet ahead of distribution. Members of the multisig wallet include: Two representatives from the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation, Three representatives from Everstake, and one representative from Distributed Lab.

I don’t have a self-custodial wallet. Can I still donate?

Yes! You can donate directly by sending funds to Ukraine.sol.

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