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Background on sDAOs

sDAOs are crypto native vehicles for buying real world assets. In practice, they are similar to traditional LLCs that hold ‘hard assets’ (like land and IP), and are funded and owned by accredited investors.

A key difference between traditional LLCs and sDAOs: sDAOs use crypto rails that enable tokenized ownership. In Slow’s opinion, this:

1. Creates a liquidity advantage by enabling investors to sell their shares (after a 1 year hold period) much more easily.

2. Makes coordinating investors to decide on important matters (like issuing dividends and selling assets) much easier and more efficient.

3. Presents an interesting opportunity within a crypto ecosystem that is particularly hungry for REAL assets as we enter the next generation of financial infrastructure, defi, etc.

In summary, Slow DAO Hard Asset Manager, LLC (“Slow”) believes sDAOs bring hard assets ‘on chain’ and create value through the increased liquidity of the underlying equity (as well as through the community assembled around the sDAO’s asset). We believe that crypto’s ability to lend liquidity to the vast majority of physical world assets-which are currently very hard to trade, and consequently largely left out of modern finance-represents a major, long-term opportunity.

With this in mind, we believe we can help crypto move beyond speculative, boom-and-bust trade, and into a world where AUM grows systematically as real world income streams flow into crypto consistently and natively.

The Use of sDAOs so far...

Team members from Slow Ventures created an entity called Slow DAO Hard Asset Manager, which established the sDAO format, and forms and manages sDAOs.

So far, we have done an initial test 700K USDC sDAO, which purchased land in Montana in August 2022

The ‘Timber’ sDAO, our second sDAO, has some structural improvements based on learnings from sDAO 1 with a goal to produce and distribute income to owners from the sDAO ownership of timberland.

We intend for our third sDAO to be an IP variant, which will acquire, develop, and export real world entertainment IP.

After these three models are developed, we will look to partner with many different organizations and institutions trying to bring real world assets digitally ‘online’ with crypto. We would love the sDAO format to become an industry standard.

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