Web2 brought a revolution in commerce, making it seamless to sell products online.

NATION wants to create a revolution in ownership, making it seamless to create digital cooperatives.

We're going to power this new era of coops with by improving DAO tooling so that any group can create a movement.

This means completely reframing current interfaces that make DAOs and web3 broadly are unreadable and esoteric.

This means acknowledging the fact that on-chain governance has largely failed, and instead focusing on the small-scale governance structures that do work.

This means abandoning any technology that results in poor UX — i.e. paying $5 to cast a simple vote on an Ethereum DAO.

By evolving the DAO experience into a common-sense product, we can capitalize on users desire to participate in an ownership economy, thus creating an entirely new market of small-scale private equity, community-funded creative projects, and participatory philanthropy.


We're combining fragmented web3 and web2 tech...

  • Multi-signature wallets
  • Landing pages
  • Token fundraisers
  • NFT memberships
  • Real-world entity suggestions
  • Simplified proposals
  • Tradfi banking integrations

... to create one platform of everything a community needs to raise money and share ownership of their labor and results.

Key Features

Administration panel (Live)

60-second DAO creation flow (Live)

Non-crypto friendly DAO pages (Live)

NFT membership tiers (Q4 '22)

Embeddable components (Q2 '23)