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This is a list of every group or individual that has helped out on NATION. These contributors all vary in involvement and impact, but are all worth crediting for what we're building so far and how we're thinking.

We've listed people in alphabetical order by first name — the order of this list makes no statement on the importance of each contributor.


Abhinav Godavarthi
Amy McCubbins
Ariel Segura
Caroline Grace Sun
Catalin Rosu
George Saussy
Gustavo Sampaio
Hel Rabelo
Joe Bieselin
Josh Gross
Juan Diego García
Keegan McNamara
Kenta Onimura
Kevin Guevara Luciano Mariani
Minh Nguyen
Prithvi Balehannina
Sammy Saglam
Sebastian Bor
Tim Hagn
Timothy Yirenkyi
Tyler Fletcher


Diego Segura
Eliz Akgün
Glauber Sampaio
Kekeli Sumah


Benjamin Lin
Collin Colaizzi
Elle Bland
Jacob Cohen
Joey Whitley
Maz Lovella
Zach Teal


Andrew Hyde
Becca Gonzalez
Gerald Gallagher
Laura Schwager


Diego Segura
Ryan Shea


Alan Curtis
Brian Collins
David Self
Raj Gokal