Design Anti-Examples

Often, we as designers can end up heavy in the world of 'reference material', finding all sorts of inspiration for how we want to look. But equally important, a company like ours — especially in Web3 — needs to avoid many tropes.

Things we'd like to avoid

  • Iridescent 3D renders
    • Admittedly, we did exactly this for some renderings on The Bear Market Rally, which felt like a blatant misstep into a trope. It's fine — but it is the easy way out.
  • Excessive web animations
    • In the interest of load times, lucidity, and our own focus, we try not to rely too much on animations or other interactive elements to create interest in our content. At this point in our growth, it's far more important to focus on the clarity of our thinking and products than it is to dress them up well on the internet. Once we achieve skyrocketing user growth, we can afford more time to "sexy up" our presentations.

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