How to Launch Your Movement

You've created a movement so now what? Read on to learn how to officially launch a movement and start collecting emails and payments.

How to Launch Your Movement

1. Go to your DAO's management page.

To begin the process to launch your movement, go to your DAO's management page. If you are unsure where to find this, hover over Connected Wallet on the top right corner and click Account. From there, you can find the management page for the DAO you wanted to manage.

Now, you'll see the dashboard for the DAO you want to manage.

2. Preview your movement's landing page

You can preview your movement's landing page by clicking the See Preview button. This is what members of your DAO will see.

3. Activate your movement's landing page

Your preview will not be available unless you activate it. You can do so by clicking the Activate Page button.

You will then be asked to configure your landing page's form capture details.

After submitting the form, you should see the following success message:

4. View your movement's landing page

Now, you can copy the link to your landing page and view it.

Here's what your landing page might look like:

5. Add a DAO wallet to your movement

Go back to your movement's landing page. It should look a little different than before. You will now see the number of email signups that your movement has.

Even though you have a landing page, you are not 100% done launching your movement yet.

Before you can finish launching your movement, you'll need to add a DAO wallet where your treasury will be stored.

Click Add Wallet and add a Solana wallet to your treasury.

6. Launch your movement

Once you add a wallet, you can finally launch your movement by pressing the Launch Movement button.

Once you press the button, you'll be asked to authorize a small SOL transaction fee (less than .01 SOL) to launch your movement.

Once that fee is processed, you will see a success message like the one below:

From here, you can now see your DAO or go back to the Dashboard. You'll notice that both of these pages now look a bit different now that you've completed launching your DAO.

Your dashboard will now show team members, active proposals, available NFTS, and your progress towards any monetary goals.

This information will also be available to members on your DAO landing page as well.