How to Create a Movement

A step by step guide to creating your first movement.

The Steps

1. Connect your wallet.

Before you start building, you'll need to connect your wallet.

Just enter your password and you're good to go.

Don't have a wallet?

We'll teach you how to set one up.

Since Nation easily connects to a Solana wallet called “Phantom”, we'll show how to create a Phantom wallet here.

2. Tell the world about your project.

This is where you describe your DAO – the meaning, mission, and goal of your movement.

  • Name:

This is the only part of your DAO you cannot change in the future — choose wisely!

  • Slug:

This is the identifier inside the URL for your DAO's landing page — e.g.

  • Headline:

Tell people why you started your movement and what you hope to achieve.

  • Description:

The name and description of your DAO will appear on NATION to explain what your project’s goal is. You have 150 characters to briefly explain the purpose of your DAO.

  • Twitter Link:

Some people create a Twitter account for their DAO — the same way an artist will use Twitter to support their projects. If you do not have a Twitter for your DAO — that’s okay, too. It’s optional.

  • Website:

If you have a website dedicated to your DAO, insert it here. If not, no worries! It is optional.

3. Make it yours.

Nation showcases your DAO on our homepage using a small card. You can choose what color you would like this card to be (white is not available). Keep in mind, this color will also be used to accent your full DAO landing page.

3. Contributions now or later?

If you're not ready to collect contributions, you don't have to add team members yet. You can just start with a landing page.

Activating a landing page will let you start collecting email sign-ups so that people are notified when your movement is ready to accept contributions.

If you are ready to start fundraising, you'll need to start adding members and their wallets to allow for contributions.

4. Your Team

Approval Quorum (%):

In your DAO, you can decide the percentage of “yes” votes required for a proposal to succeed. In general, DAOs favor a majority, requiring more than 50% of “yes” votes to pass - but you can adjust the percentage however you’d like.

Team wallets:

When you join or start a DAO, you add the personal wallet of each member. This way, they can easily transfer funds into the community wallet. Using a community wallet is how members: 1, share their capital and 2, ensure every member has equal rights to that shared capital.

To add team members, you will need to enter their wallet address, or “public key” (sometimes pubkey).

Nation exclusively uses the cryptocurrency Solana (SOL) - so you will need to use a SOL friendly wallet such as Phantom or Sollet.

5. Submit

Nation will show you a preview of your DAO card - the display of your DAO that will be visible on our homepage. If you are happy with the final product, click submit.

Congratulations! You've started a movement.