What is NATION?

Learn about NATION and the features on our platform.

What is NATION?

NATION is a platform that lets people raise funds, issue memberships, and make decisions together.

Organizations on NATION are typically owned and operated by their members, with all profits made by the organization going directly to these members. This means that users have a vested interest in the success of their organization, as earning more money is dependent on it. As such, organization members are highly motivated to work together to ensure that the organization succeeds.

NATION is built on decentralized technology, making it a truly public platform. This means that when a user joins an organization on NATION, their membership is visible to anyone else in the community. Additionally, votes and other decisions made by members are also publicly accessible, creating a level of transparency not often seen in traditional organizations.

NATION also makes it easy to raise funds for a cause. Users can create campaigns and set goals, raising money from the public. All of these funds are held securely in vaults secured with bank-level security.


  • Easy organization creation
  • Membership creation through NFTs
  • Simple votes
  • Beautiful landing pages
  • Ability to accept dollars, BTC, ETH, SOL, and more

Coming soon

  • SMS and Email notifications
  • Your idea… email us with suggestions at newfeature@nation.io