What's a treasury account?

Learn about how funds are stored on NATION with treasury accounts.


Imagine a bank vault, secure and impenetrable, guarding the valuable assets of an organization. Just like a traditional bank vault, a treasury account is the financial heart of a cooperative or organization that relies on collective decision-making. In this blog post, we'll explore the world of treasury accounts, their funding, custody options, usability, and how they are essential for the success of your organization.

Funding the Treasury Account

Funding a treasury account is like filling your bank vault with the resources your organization needs to grow and succeed. These resources can come in the form of cash, cryptocurrencies, or other valuable assets. When it comes to cooperatives, members contribute their share to the treasury, pooling their resources and making joint decisions on how to use these funds. This democratic approach to financial management empowers members to decide the direction of the organization.

Custody vs Self Custody

Choosing how to store and manage your organization's treasury is like deciding between hiring a professional security team to guard your bank vault or taking matters into your own hands.

Custody involves entrusting your organization's funds to a third-party custodian, such as a bank or a specialized custody provider. This option provides a higher level of security and regulatory compliance, as the custodian is responsible for safeguarding the assets and ensuring proper procedures are followed. However, this comes at the cost of relinquishing direct control over your funds.

Self-custody, on the other hand, allows your organization to maintain full control over its assets. This can be achieved through hardware wallets or multisignature wallets, where multiple members hold the "keys" to the treasury. While this option provides greater autonomy, it also demands a higher level of responsibility and security awareness from the organization and its members.

Usability and Access

A well-designed treasury account should be user-friendly and easily accessible to all members of the organization, like a bank vault with a secure yet straightforward access system. Modern treasury management solutions offer web and mobile interfaces, enabling members to view balances, track expenses, and vote on proposals directly from their devices. The ease of access allows for transparent and efficient decision-making, ensuring that the organization's funds are used in the best possible way to achieve its goals.


A treasury account is the cornerstone of a cooperative's financial stability, much like a bank vault is for a traditional bank. By understanding the intricacies of funding, custody options, and usability, your organization can unlock the true potential of its collective financial power. Choose the right treasury management solution and secure your organization's future, one vote at a time.