What is a membership?

Learn about memberships on NATION, NFTs, and how memberships are used with ownership primitives like cooperatives.


Rooted in the concept of cooperative membership, our platform fosters a sense of community, shared values, and mutual support among its users. By participating in a movement on NATION, members enjoy a direct relationship with the projects they support and have the opportunity to contribute not just financially but also through their expertise and network.

Cooperative membership has long been a successful model for businesses and organizations worldwide. By pooling resources, cooperatives empower their members to achieve common goals and share in the resulting benefits. NATION builds on this concept, creating a fundraising platform where members come together to provide financial support, advice, and encouragement to innovative projects and initiatives.

NFTs: A New Frontier for Fundraising

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have been making waves in the digital world, and NATION leverages their unique properties to offer novel fundraising opportunities. NFTs are digital assets with distinct characteristics, allowing artists, creators, and innovators to monetize their work in unprecedented ways. By incorporating NFTs into our fundraising platform, NATION enables members to acquire digital art, limited edition items, and exclusive experiences, all while supporting the projects they believe in.

The Basics of Contribution

Contributing to a project is both straightforward and rewarding. Members can contribute through:

  • Financial Support: Offer direct monetary support to the projects that resonate with you, helping them achieve their goals and bring their vision to life.
  • NFT Purchases: Acquire NFTs associated with a project to enjoy unique digital assets while simultaneously providing financial support.
  • Expertise and Networking: Use your skills, knowledge, and connections to assist projects in overcoming challenges and achieving success.
  • Sharing and Promotion: Spread the word about the projects you believe in, expanding their reach and increasing their chances of securing funding.